During the final summer of the Twentieth Century, following a successful singing career in New York and a six year interlude as an executive for Eileen Fisher, Saundra Messinger began designing jewelry. Saundra’s work has been widely recognized by the jewelry and fashion industry for its unique and cutting edge design. Early in her career she was chosen as one of ten 'New Designers of the Year' by The Jewelry Design Guild of America and as a 'Rising Star' by The Fashion Group International. Saundra's jewelry has been featured in newspapers across the country, television’s EXTRA and a 'She's Got Style' story in MORE magazine. In 2009, Saundra was named as one of ten ‘Designers of Distinction’ by the Silver Institute and is included in the highly respected Designer Gallery on the Savor Silver website.

Without a doubt, Saundra says the most important and exciting part of being a jewelry designer occurs every time she sees women wearing her jewelry. Once while people watching in an airport, she recalls appreciating one woman's sense of style -- her great shoes and bag… and JEWELRY!! She was wearing SAUNDRA MESSINGER!!!

This was a celebratory moment! Saundra’s jewelry is now available in high end boutiques, galleries, museum stores, and catalogs all over the world. Her designs are worn by friends, family, strangers (!) and celebrities such as Debra Messing and Bette Midler.

Saundra’s elegant designs, which also have an unexpected, asymmetrical and quirky quality, are defined by imperfect geometric shapes, a shimmering matte finish, and tiny, sparkling diamonds which appear to have been sprinkled onto the surface of the sterling silver. The jewelry is reminiscent of the sea glass produced by the two rivers she loves -- the Mississippi and the Hudson. When Saundra and her recording engineer husband, Chuck Irwin, lived in a cottage on the shores of the Hudson, she would watch the sun rise on the steely grey river and experience the thrill of ‘diamonds on the water.’ The impact of that thrill has been transferred to Saundra’s perfectly imperfect, distinctive creations.

Saundra’s jewelry is at once strong, yet feminine. Her passion, beyond the jewelry itself, is to provide a supportive and joyful work environment, to be a fair partner to both suppliers and customers, and to give back to the community. Saundra's career as a jewelry designer serves as a shining example of her philosophy, learned from her father, Berny, that anything can be accomplished if you just believe it is possible. An unexpected career as a jewelry designer has developed for Saundra Messinger, who says that she is untrained but 'taught and inspired by life!'