Happy Summer! Each piece of jewelry is handmade in NYC and usually takes 3 weeks to produce. In the summer, our artisans take a much needed break and this complicates our shipping times. Orders placed before 6/12 will ship around 7/5. Orders placed 6/13 thru 6/22 will ship around 7/25. Orders placed 6/23-7/16 will ship around 8/8. Orders placed after 7/16 will resume the 3 week schedule. We have many beautiful pieces in our studio available for quicker shipment, just click "Ready to Ship."

Custom order for stephanie moore

$ 3,230.00

Tiny Dancer in Platinum (size 5 3/4, size 8 3/4) $695 x 2

Everything Ring 3 in Platinum (size 5 3/4, size 8 3/4) $920 x 2



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Custom Order for Stephanie Moore